Onsite assessment and review

Our team of experts will come to your organization to conduct an on-site assessment and review of your current intellectual property protection program or review of your IP program needs for best practice start-up recommendations. Upon conclusion of an on-site engagement, Foucart & Associates will provide a summary briefing of our initial findings for your immediate feedback. Our team will then assemble a comprehensive, written report of findings and recommendations, to provide your organization with an IP protection program “plan of action”. A Foucart & Associates review of your IP protection requirements, or current brand protection program, will provide your organization with the necessary information to begin, or strengthen, its brand protection efforts. Should your brand protection efforts require it, Foucart & Associates can further assist with the implementation of a strategic brand protection plan or conduct periodic follow-up examinations as part of our services. Contact Foucart & Associates to schedule a more detailed discussion on how we might leverage our experience to assist you.


In today’s business world, the counterfeiter has become more closely aligned with legitimate supply and distribution chains and many products are nearly identical in price and appearance to the genuine.


The reputation and economic risk to your company is potentially more damaging than the actual loss of sales or short-term loss of use of your intellectual property.

Return on Investment

Intellectual property protection efforts are generally divided into two categories: management of prior or ongoing infringing activity; and prevention of future incidents.

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Bruce Foucart is an intellectual property rights enforcement professional and former Director of the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.