The reputational and economic risk to your company is potentially more damaging than the actual loss of sales or short-term loss of use of your intellectual property. Consumers of lower-quality counterfeit goods often attribute defects in those goods to the brand, often via online reviews of the legitimate goods! Your reputational damage can truly be more difficult to recover from than loss of revenue, especially when the counterfeit product results in a risk to the health and safety of the consumer.

  • Your brand’s reputation is one of your company’s most important assets and protection of that reputation requires consistent diligence to safeguard both your brand and reputation. Foucart & Associates can work with your organization to ensure you have a holistic strategy for protection of those most important corporate assets.

  • Recovery involves an aggressive online posture of counterfeit seller criminal and civil deactivations, along with governmental actions such as customs seizures and successful criminal prosecutions. At Foucart & Associates, we want to make sure your organization is maximizing these opportunities.

  • Foucart & Associates can review proposed or existing IP programs for effective use of Public Service Announcements and other cost-effective, public-facing approaches to manage your brand reputation.