return on investment

Intellectual property protection efforts are generally divided into two categories: management of prior or ongoing infringing activity; and prevention of future incidents. It is incumbent upon brand owners to incorporate a brand protection program into their business model, but also to quantify the successes of that practice. A successful brand protection strategy can save millions of dollars on an annual basis in recovery, be a multiplier in terms of prevention, and can also prevent the waste of valuable corporate resources on mismatched brand protection services. A comprehensive review of IP protection efforts by Foucart & Associates is designed to provide a return on investment as follows:

  • Independent review of your online brand protection programs, including any current or prospective use of brand reputation services, can help you make sure those services match your IP protection needs. Current brand reputation services are a significant expense for many organizations and you need to be certain your resources are spent on the right services for your specific IP needs.

  • Trademark portfolio reviews to ensure filings are in the proper countries/classes. This includes what to drop in the TM portfolio and so not to incur unnecessary renewal fees and suggestions on which TM filings to monitor through paid services. Additionally, we will review sales and distribution plans to advise on filings for prospective markets and defensive marks. The review can also ensure your organization is fully compliant with the trademark recordation process in the U.S., internationally, and with specific third-party marketplaces.

  • Review of your security of your designated trade secrets, to establish appropriate trade secret protection for both effective security but also ensure successful law enforcement referral in the event of a theft of trade secrets incident. Quick and effective response to theft of trade secret incidents can minimize your organization’s losses.

  • Our experience at the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center has exposed the team at Foucart & Associates to many different industries and brands. Our review can assist in identifying brands with similar crime problems to help your organization leverage existing strategies/solutions where available.