Meet The Team

Experienced and Strategic

Bruce M. Foucart

Founder and President

Abigail Foucart


Foucart & Associates, Inc. provides strategic consulting services and leverages extensive law enforcement contacts to advise brands and organizations engaged in the fight against intellectual property rights infringement. As a licensed investigative company, we also conduct any type of investigative work related to internal investigations, anti-counterfeiting, insider threat, transnational crimes, money laundering and national security. We provide investigative training of many disciplines to professionals around the globe. Our consultants can mobilize the right people, skills and technologies to help organizations improve their performance.

My consulting business model is simple: I determine a company’s risks and vulnerabilities, and offer specific solutions to mitigate them. Through the incorporation of industry best practices into business processes and management strategies, I help companies stay ahead of the competition and better serve their customers. 

Report IP Theft

To report violations of intellectual property rights, including counterfeiting and piracy, to the National IPR Coordination Center.

PO BOX: 285