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The team at Foucart & Associates are experts in intellectual property rights enforcement. In addition to their own strengths and expertise that each team member brings to the group, we also maintain extensive contacts with other U.S. and international law enforcement personnel, industry trade groups, and countless corporate brand protection professionals worldwide, including contacts in Asia. Collectively, the consulting team has decades of global experience, with significant experience in China, that we can lean on to find answers to the most challenging IP issues. The independent nature of our consultancy allows Foucart & Associates to tailor our response to the specific needs of a company, so only the associates required will be engaged on your company's challenges. But if the scope of work needs to be expanded, Foucart & Associates has the required reserves on hand to fully respond to the needs of an organization. If required to address your company's challenges, Foucart & Associates can also use an on-site assessment and review program to review your IP protection requirements, or current brand protection program, and provide your organization with the necessary information to begin, or strengthen, its global brand protection efforts. The straightforward goal of our experts is to leverage our experience to deliver holistic brand protection consultations for organizations engaged in the fight against intellectual property rights infringement.

Report IP Theft

To report violations of intellectual property rights, including counterfeiting and piracy, to the National IPR Coordination Center.

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