Ron D. Davis


Overview of Ron’s Prior Experience


Early in his career, Ron served with the United States Marine Corps as a combat helicopter pilot and as an FBI Special Agent. He worked as a big-four international security consultant with Arthur Andersen and as a security director for General Dynamics Space Systems.  Ron also was global security director for Honeywell Corporation and anti-counterfeit leader for Cisco Systems, living in Hong Kong, where Ron created and managed Cisco’s anti-counterfeit/IPR program.  


Ron’s extensive knowledge of the brand protection space defines him as one of the field’s most experienced, global professionals of the day.  Having lived and worked in Hong Kong/China/Asia, Ron offers a” real world” perspective of brand protection.


Senior Consultant

Vice President, North America

Wan Hui Da Law Firm & Intellectual Property Agency

Ron is recognized as an expert in cultural and legal issues associated with brand protection in China.  With an impeccable reputation and passion for quality, Ron is a valuable resource to North American entities conducting business in China. His extensive experience, as a brand protection professional for multinational corporations and long relationship with Wan Hui Da Law Firm & IP Agency in China, enable him to liaison as an effective ombudsman for western entities.  


Industry Fellow

Michigan State University

Center for Anti-Counterfeit and Product Protection(A-CAPP)

A past president of A-CAPP Center’s Industry Advisory Board and a current Industry Fellow, Ron has been actively involved with the university for 6+ years.  MSU’s A-CAPP Center is the first and preeminent academic body focusing on the complex global issues of anti-counterfeiting and product protection. They also provide executive education and a Certificate program in Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection.  They are the global leader in the field of brand protection research and education.


Vice Chairman Emeritus

Quality Brands Protection Committee(QBPC) /Beijing

For more than a decade, Ron was the only U.S. based Vice Chairman of the 215+ multinational corporation members of QBPC. Upon retirement, Ron was elected and serves as QBPC’s Vice Chairman Emeritus and “Goodwill Ambassador” to the United States -- the first ever to be awarded this designation.  QBPC’s mission statement,” Building the bridge between government & industry”, interprets as, “To work cooperatively with the Chinese Central and local governments, local industry and organizations to make positive contributions to intellectual property protection in the People’s Republic of China. “   


Former-Senior Director of Brand Protection


Recruited in 2005 to establish Qualcomm’s Brand Protection Program, Ron was responsible for building and managing the company’s global brand protection/intellectual property rights, investigations and forensic evaluations. Ron traveled extensively to China and other areas of Asia multiple times each year.   As the program grew, Ron developed a topnotch brand protection China team, recruiting professionals through his long-time association with QBPC. Ron retired from Qualcomm in 2016 and is pursuing opportunities to share his unique knowledge with others.